CNN Senior Legal Analyst Criticizes Trump Conviction as Politically Motivated


  1. “The judge made donations in clear violation of a rule that bars New York judges from making political contributions, supporting a pro-Biden, anti-Trump political entity.”

  2. “On the campaign trail in a predominantly Democratic county, Alvin Bragg proudly stated, ‘I have sued Trump over 100 times.'”

  3. “Crucially, the DA’s charges against Trump stretch the limits of the law and due process.”

  4. “The charges against Trump are obscure and almost entirely unprecedented. No state prosecutor — in New York, Wyoming, or elsewhere — has ever charged federal election laws as a direct or underlying state crime against anyone, for any reason.”

  5. “The DA extended misdemeanors beyond the statute of limitations and revived them by alleging the falsification of business records was done ‘with intent to commit another crime.'”

  6. “Unjustifiably, the DA refused to clarify what those unlawful means were — and the judge did not compel them to do so — until just before closing arguments. This disregards the constitutional requirement to inform the defendant of the charges against him ahead of the trial.”

  7. “In these critical ways, the charges against Trump are not just unusual; they seem specially crafted for the former president and no one else.”

  8. “The Manhattan DA’s staff reportedly called this the ‘Zombie Case’ due to various legal flaws, including its strange charging mechanism. However, it is more aptly described as the ‘Frankenstein Case,’ pieced together with mismatched parts into a clumsy, awkward, but somewhat functional creation that might ultimately turn against its creator.”

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@peepso_user_31(Robbie Rhino)
This isn't just politically motivated, it was designed in theory to thwart any other candidate to dare cross the left. This is tyrannical intent motivated.
@peepso_user_1(marlin andrews)
1 week ago