Update 12/9

I’m gonna try this again. I started writing this morning about the struggles with my weight and how I’ve always been fat. I’ve posted I the past about how I was “ready to take control” only to fail miserably and often. I wanted the write about how and why THIS TIME was different. I did all the fad diets only to be bigger than I was before. Why was this time different? This time I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I had a choice to make. I could continue feeling miserable and killing myself with food but, I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to be alive and pain free. I wanted more energy. I wanted to feel good in my clothes. Most of all I want to be alive for my kids and my grandkids. What did I do? I DIDNT take any chemo that was suggested. I CHANGED MY LIFE!! I eat mostly organic, no refined sugar, no fast food, no processed foods, low carb and dairy free (mostly). I was very strict and almost vegan at first. When I got my blood work results back, I’m more lenient . I eat chicken and fish and not a lot of red meat. My biggest point was over 316. I know I got bigger but, I didn’t want to get on a scale! I’m proud to say I’m 202 as of this morning! I still can’t believe that I’ve gotten this far. I’m cancer free, pain free (except for my husband at times) and I feel better in my clothes. I can fit into a regular size bath towel. I do admit that sometimes when I go shopping I head straight for the plus section. I’m literally 1/2 the size I was. I went from a size 22/24 pants and 3 or 4xl shirts to 12 jeans, med shirts. 114lbs Gone! Now for my next goal 199! Remember to live your best life! I am!

And now… I look like this!….

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  1. Randy avatar Randy says:

    Very proud of you Kat…… Sure do miss you guys……..

    1. Site-Admin avatar Site-Admin says:

      We miss you like crazy Brother!

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