So what’s going on with Title 42? In 2020 President Donald Trump invoked Title 42 during the pandemic, which allows US authorities to turn away most asylum seekers. This was set to expire in 2022 after a Biden extension. Just before it’s expiration, a US Judge in Texas barred the Biden admin from ending it. In December of ‘22 the SCOTUS decided to hear the case brought by republicans of keeping it indefinitely.

In January of this year, the Biden admin announced the end of the pandemic on May 11, 2023 which means Title 42 will end. They know this will cause a massive influx of illegals at the border attempting to claim asylum.

In an attempt to combat this, the Biden admin announced a plan to ban all asylum seekers who didn’t first attempt asylum in the countries they passed before arriving to America. The ACLU and other groups sued them and put an end to that plan.

Now, on May 11 when the policy expires, the US will see the worst border crisis we’ve seen in our lifetime. Millions have already gathered with funding from US groups and other far left organizations.

On Thursday, the US border will be so overrun that the border states may go into a state of emergency. The Biden administration has done little to actually stop this, so it will be a huge problem.

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