**Alaskans Plan Patriotic Convoy to Denali National Park Following Flag Ban**

A recent decision by Denali National Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell to ban the American flag from a private road construction vehicle has sparked significant backlash among Alaskans. In response, a convoy of vehicles displaying patriotic flags is set to embark on a road trip to the park entrance this Sunday. The convoy will gather at the Fairbanks Walmart parking lot at noon and depart for the Denali Park entrance around 1 p.m.

Keith Fons of North Pole, one of the organizers, explained that the convoy aims to arrive at the park entrance visitor center between 2:30 and 3 p.m., following a brief stop in Healy for participants to adjust their flags. Similar gatherings are being organized in Wasilla, Palmer, and Anchorage, reflecting a growing sense of patriotic spirit across the state.

The controversy began when Superintendent Merrell instructed a construction crew working at the park to remove a 3 x 5 foot American flag from their vehicle, citing that it “detracts from the park experience.” This decision has provoked outrage, particularly in the lead-up to Memorial Day weekend. U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan expressed his dismay in a letter to National Park Service Director Charles Sams III, calling the incident an “outrage” and demanding an immediate response and corrective measures.

Senator Sullivan emphasized that the American flag should be celebrated, especially on Memorial Day, a holiday dedicated to honoring those who have sacrificed their lives for the nation. He also highlighted that there is no federal regulation prohibiting the flying of the American flag on public lands, particularly in national parks intended for the enjoyment of American citizens.

In a related twist, it has been noted that the National Park Service maintains a webpage dedicated to LGBTQ+ pride flags, leading some to question the consistency of the flag policies within national parks.

The upcoming convoy represents a robust statement from Alaskans who are determined to assert their right to display the American flag, particularly in a place as iconic and nationally significant as Denali National Park. Participants hope to underscore their belief that the flag is a symbol of national pride that should be prominently displayed, especially during times of national reflection and remembrance.

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@peepso_user_31(Robbie Rhino)
WTF is this lady thinking? Just another anti-American dirtbag. Wish I could join that convoy.