Celebrating the Life of James Henry Andrews

James Henry Leonard Andrews, affectionately known as Big Jim, Little Jimmy, or simply Jimmy, has indeed left an indelible mark on the lives he touched. He was preceded in death by his beloved mother, Sarah Lillian Frazee, whom everyone knew as “Penny,” and his father, Henry James Leonard Andrews. He was also preceded in death by his siblings, Lillian, Shirley, Herb, and Laura Mae.

Jim is survived by his children Marlin Andrews, Jolene Andrews-Lewis, and Darin Andrews, as well as his step-brother James and numerous grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, and godchildren. James Henry Andrews leaves behind a legacy of love and memories.

Darin, Jim, Jolene and Marlin
Darin, Theresa, Jolene Jim, Marlin
This was at a family gathering with kids and grandkids

James Andrews was a man of many talents and passions. Early in life, he was a professional horse racing jockey, retiring young in the early 80s due to a severe neck injury from racing. With his lifelong passion taken away, he turned to supporting his wife Theresa’s passion for music and songwriting. He packed up his family of five and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 1988 to do so. After a divorce in the early 90s, he spent the better part of the rest of his life pursuing his own passions. He never stopped loving horse racing, developed a new passion for golf, and rediscovered his passion for cooking, music, and acting. He became quite known for his BBQ sauce called “JimmySauce” and had it featured at local restaurants. He really enjoyed having his own food stand.

In the hearts of his children, Marlin, Darin, and Jolene Andrews-Lewis, as well as his niece Tammy Marie Boutte, who called him dad, James Andrews will forever be cherished. His presence will live on through numerous grandchildren, each carrying a piece of his spirit forward.

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In the 90’s

Dad enjoyed singing Karaoke, cooking, golfing and more. He made a lot of friends and loved them all. He enjoyed helping the Karaoke company CWS with their set up and tear down, it gave him a lot of joy and made him feel needed. Thank you goes out to the Schlicker family. Singing was a real joy for him. He practiced constantly and wanted so bad to be an entertainer. It was an honor every time he joined me on stage, and I will cherish it always.


He loved to golf so much! One of the highlights of his golf life was getting to be a Marshall at the Bob Hope Classic for many years.


Man, he loved to cook! He always spoke about his dad being a chef and how it was in his blood! He owned a pretty successful restaurant in Sandpoint, Id. called Dennys (not the big chain). He and Mom Theresa ran it for a few years with the help of family. His Mother and Father-in-law Doug and Evelyn (Chicky) along with his sister in-law were all a part of it. He always told me that he had the best food around and how everyone loved it and that he wished he had never given it up. In the early 90’s, he set out to remember a family recipe for BBQ Sauce. I am not certain if he did but along the way, he developed Jimmy-Sauce! He built and opened up a commercial kitchen to be able to produce and distribute his creation. It was a hit locally and quite a few restaurants used it on their menus. Local grocery stores even had it on their shelves! Not willing to give up nearly complete control, he passed opportunities to “go bigger” and stayed small, which was fine for a while. Soon though, as the market got flooded and restaurants were pressured by major distributors to only use their sauce, the big sales he depended on began to dwindle. He eventually shut it down and only made sauce occasionally for the next few years. Finally, around the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024, he decided it was time to share the recipe with us to ensure that it will live on. Combined with his love for people, he always wanted to have another shot at it. In the final months of his life, he almost did. He and my brother Darin were working on a mobile food vending unit. Maybe one day, we will get that going for him.

About his acting career

He did love to act. He attended an acting school in the early 2000’s. He played an extra in the movie Mad Love with Drew Barrymore and Chris O ‘donnel. He was proud of the character that he had created named “Big Jim”, it was inspired by the nickname his karaoke friends had given him. when it was his turn to sing, the host would call for “Big Jim”. The character was a bearded hillbilly wearing suspenders and overalls. Big Jim was a huge part of my Country music show called “The Downhome Country Roundup”. Big Jim was a constant in the comedy section along with his side-kicks Shorty and Corndog that were played by his lifelong friend Don Rupe and Grandson (my son) Blake Andrews.

Helping others

Dad was always there. he was a constant figure that you could count on. Whether it was working on a car for one of us kids or giving a ride to a friend or family member or anything else… he was there! You could always count on him grumbling about it and then doing it. It was his way. No matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient, if he could do it, he did it because he loved us. He also had 2 “God-Children” that he loved very much, Brianna and Donavan and took a lot of pride in helping to raise them.

His Friends

Well, I am terrified of leaving anyone out because he had so many dear friends, so I will just name a few that I know he would want me to mention. Don and Cathy Rupe, Marlin Berry, Gregg Stewart and he enjoyed staying in touch with his nephew Ricky.

We want to invite you to comment below with your testimonial. Let us know what he meant to you! Please share with us so that generations to come can see just who James H. Andrews was!

May he rest peacefully now.

P.S. If you would like to attend his memorial service on June 29 (his birthday) in Sultan Wa, call or text me at 928-750-3216

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Glad I got the chance to meet him. You guys are always in our prayers.
@peepso_user_1(marlin andrews)
Thank you my friend!
4 days ago
@peepso_user_1(marlin andrews)
Here is a link to the facebook event for his memorial: https://www.facebook.com/share/6Fhat7aaDrGRg3Jc/
Event in North Sultan, WA by Darin Andrews and Marlin James Findmeongofrenz on Saturday, June 29 2024
4 days ago
@peepso_user_59(Kelly )
I won’t ever forget how his face lit up and his laugh when he would tell me old stories about trouble he got into in his years. He had a lot of fun times and great memories! And forever HEEHAW!! RIP Dad we miss you❤️
@peepso_user_114(Paula Felix)
I never got the pleasure of meeting your Dad. From the stories I've heard he was an amazing man and I would have loved him. So sorry again for your loss.