“Leveling Up: Middle-Aged Men Enter the Game Dev Arena”

In a world where pixels collide and virtual realms come to life, a new breed of adventurers has emerged. No, we’re not talking about young whippersnappers fresh out of coding boot camps. We’re talking about the seasoned heroes of life, the distinguished gentlemen of experience—yes, the middle-aged men! If you thought video game development was a young person’s game, think again. Strap on your reading glasses and get ready to delve into the pixelated odyssey of older men embarking on a quest to conquer the realm of game development.

Chapter 1: “Ctrl+Alt+Achievement Unlocked: The Midlife Crisis Code”

Picture it: a room filled with men who once believed “RAM” was simply an acronym for a male sheep. But behold, they now utter phrases like “object-oriented programming” and “version control.” It’s the midlife crisis like you’ve never seen before—trading in sports cars for code compilers. While some opt for hair dye, these intrepid souls opt for open-source frameworks. Nothing says “living on the edge” like debugging late into the night, am I right?

Chapter 2: “The Gray Pixels of Wisdom”
Sure, the younger generation might be nailing those 360 noscope headshots, but our seasoned gamers bring something extra to the table—life experience. Remember the days before touchscreens and social media? These warriors have traversed a land without Google Maps, surviving the dial-up era. That’s right, they can code AND change a tire. Their game concepts are as diverse as their collection of outdated tech gadgets.

Chapter 3: “Respawn of Dreams”
Back in the day, when arcades ruled and “Pong” was the height of innovation, these gamers dreamed of designing their own virtual worlds. Life happened—jobs, families, responsibilities. But now, armed with a newfound determination and an arsenal of dad jokes, they’re dusting off those dreams. The only thing they procrastinate on is deciding whether to caffeinate with coffee or energy drinks.


Chapter 4: “Boss Battle: Keeping Up with AI”
Speaking of AI, there’s no denying that it’s shaken up the gaming industry. But fear not! Our seasoned developers see AI not as a foe but as a co-op partner. These gentlemen understand the value of collaboration; they’ve had to negotiate bedtimes with toddlers, after all. So, while AI floods the market, these pioneers are crafting games that resonate with their fellow grown-up gamers.

Chapter 5: “Achievement Unlocked: The Joystick of Fulfillment”

It’s not just about coding and pixels. It’s about realizing that it’s never too late to level up your skills, to embark on a new adventure, to turn nostalgia into creativity. These developers are crafting games that are more than just pixels on a screen—they’re testaments to the persistence of passion. So, grab your keyboard, my middle-aged comrades, and let’s code our way to the joystick of fulfillment.

In a world overflowing with youthful fervor and flashing screens, the middle-aged men of game development are proving that age is just a number. With their gray wisdom and a willingness to embrace new challenges, they’re creating games that tap into the magic of nostalgia while marching to the beat of modern technology. So, let the youngsters have their victory dances; we’ve got a game to design, debug, and dominate. Game on, gentlemen! Game on.

“From Rock Bottom to Renewal: My Journey Towards Weight Loss and Health”

As promised, here’s the story behind my weight loss. It all started in the summer of 2022 when I hit rock bottom. I reached my highest recorded weight of 316 lbs, and my body was in constant pain. It was difficult to get up, move around, and even roll over in bed. My feet and legs were tired from carrying the extra weight. I realized it was time to change my life.


After a couple of months of dieting, I managed to lose about 20 pounds. I followed the Keto diet but didn’t exercise at all. In May 2022, I noticed blood in my stool and had to visit my doctor to give a stool sample. They found blood in it, which led to more doctor visits, including one to the gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist suggested a colonoscopy procedure, but they wanted to schedule it for October, even though it was only May. I requested the next available appointment because I was experiencing terrible abdominal cramps and nightly fevers, which made me miserable.

Finally, in early June, I received an appointment and was diagnosed with colon cancer and THAT IS when I started taking my life seriously.

I managed to get a next-day appointment with my surgeon, who advised me that losing weight before surgery would benefit me. I promised him that I would do everything possible to achieve that.

To be honest, I was extremely strict with myself. I didn’t cheat and managed to lose about 12 lbs before my surgery on June 13th. I went into surgery weighing a staggering 296 lbs.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Cut out all refined sugar.
  2. Reduced my carbohydrate intake.
  3. Eliminated dairy from my diet due to its inflammatory effects and its impact on my digestion.
  4. Avoided all fast food and fried food.
  5. Stopped drinking coffee, and for the first two weeks, I followed a vegan diet out of fear after my cancer diagnosis.
  6. Emphasized intermittent fasting, which I highly recommend.
  7. I didn’t exercise (although I should have!), I focused on consuming organic whole foods and drank lots of water.

I’ll even provide you with an example of one of my daily meal plans:


  • Protein shake (low calorie with little to zero sugar)
  • Slice of Dave’s killer seeded bread with 1/2 small avocado and everything bagel seasoning


  • Salad with romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Himalayan salt, pepper, and lemon juice for dressing


  • Baked chicken
  • Broccoli
  • Organic garlic rice with quinoa

Remember, never eat past 6 pm!

The first 40 lbs were challenging, but after that, the weight seemed to disappear. I can’t fully describe the incredible feeling of losing 100 lbs. The best part is that I no longer experience constant pain.

I have successfully dropped 130 lbs, and I am determined not to go back. When I was diagnosed with cancer, it was a wake-up call that prompted me to make a decision and change my life. I believe that God has given me another chance to live my best life, and that’s exactly what I intend to do!

Here is a great video about intermittent fasting!

Embracing Freedom: The RV Lifestyle and the Rise of Modern Nomads

In recent years, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of individuals and families who have chosen to trade the traditional brick-and-mortar dwelling for a life on the road, nestled within the cozy confines of an RV. Whether driven by economic factors, a desire for adventure, or the pursuit of a simpler existence, this growing community of modern nomads is redefining the meaning of home. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of RV living and explore the reasons behind this liberating trend

    1. A Shift Towards Freedom:
      With the changing landscape of the economy and shifting priorities, more people are seeking alternatives to conventional living arrangements. The RV lifestyle offers a sense of freedom, enabling individuals to design their own destinies. Whether it’s young professionals seeking flexibility in their careers, families looking to create lasting memories, or retirees relishing their newfound freedom, the RV has become a symbol of liberation.

    1. The Joy of Being a Snowbird:
      One distinct group that has wholeheartedly embraced the RV lifestyle is the so-called “Snowbirds.” These individuals, primarily retirees, venture southward to escape the harsh winter months and bask in the warm embrace of southern states. Radiating contentment and joy, these people exemplify the beauty of living life on their own terms. Engaging in activities like golfing, socializing, and attending music parties, they create a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who celebrate the freedom of this lifestyle.

    1. Simplifying and Downsizing:
      For many, RV living represents a conscious choice to simplify and downsize. By embracing a minimalist approach, individuals can reduce their ecological footprint, save money, and shed the burdens of excess possessions. RV dwellers discover that the key to happiness lies not in accumulating material possessions but in experiencing the wonders of the world firsthand. From breathtaking natural landscapes to vibrant cityscapes, they are free to explore and immerse themselves in new adventures.

    1. A Glimpse into RV Sales:

    2. The RV industry had experienced a significant surge in sales. This growing interest in RVs demonstrates the increasing desire for a life of mobility, adventure, and freedom. The allure of having a home on wheels appeals to a wide range of individuals, from young couples seeking alternative housing options to families yearning for unforgettable journeys together. The RV lifestyle has transcended the image of retirement and now captures the imaginations of people from all walks of life.

Living in an RV offers a unique sense of liberation and allows individuals to curate their lives around experiences rather than possessions. Whether it’s retirees savoring their golden years as happy snowbirds or individuals seeking a more sustainable and adventurous existence, the RV lifestyle has gained momentum in recent years. So, next time you see an RV cruising down the highway or parked in a picturesque campground, take a moment to appreciate the stories of freedom, joy, and discovery that unfold within those rolling homes.

Here is a great youtube channe to follow about living the RV Life!