“From Rock Bottom to Renewal: My Journey Towards Weight Loss and Health”

As promised, here’s the story behind my weight loss. It all started in the summer of 2022 when I hit rock bottom. I reached my highest recorded weight of 316 lbs, and my body was in constant pain. It was difficult to get up, move around, and even roll over in bed. My feet and legs were tired from carrying the extra weight. I realized it was time to change my life.


After a couple of months of dieting, I managed to lose about 20 pounds. I followed the Keto diet but didn’t exercise at all. In May 2022, I noticed blood in my stool and had to visit my doctor to give a stool sample. They found blood in it, which led to more doctor visits, including one to the gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist suggested a colonoscopy procedure, but they wanted to schedule it for October, even though it was only May. I requested the next available appointment because I was experiencing terrible abdominal cramps and nightly fevers, which made me miserable.

Finally, in early June, I received an appointment and was diagnosed with colon cancer and THAT IS when I started taking my life seriously.

I managed to get a next-day appointment with my surgeon, who advised me that losing weight before surgery would benefit me. I promised him that I would do everything possible to achieve that.

To be honest, I was extremely strict with myself. I didn’t cheat and managed to lose about 12 lbs before my surgery on June 13th. I went into surgery weighing a staggering 296 lbs.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Cut out all refined sugar.
  2. Reduced my carbohydrate intake.
  3. Eliminated dairy from my diet due to its inflammatory effects and its impact on my digestion.
  4. Avoided all fast food and fried food.
  5. Stopped drinking coffee, and for the first two weeks, I followed a vegan diet out of fear after my cancer diagnosis.
  6. Emphasized intermittent fasting, which I highly recommend.
  7. I didn’t exercise (although I should have!), I focused on consuming organic whole foods and drank lots of water.

I’ll even provide you with an example of one of my daily meal plans:


  • Protein shake (low calorie with little to zero sugar)
  • Slice of Dave’s killer seeded bread with 1/2 small avocado and everything bagel seasoning


  • Salad with romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Himalayan salt, pepper, and lemon juice for dressing


  • Baked chicken
  • Broccoli
  • Organic garlic rice with quinoa

Remember, never eat past 6 pm!

The first 40 lbs were challenging, but after that, the weight seemed to disappear. I can’t fully describe the incredible feeling of losing 100 lbs. The best part is that I no longer experience constant pain.

I have successfully dropped 130 lbs, and I am determined not to go back. When I was diagnosed with cancer, it was a wake-up call that prompted me to make a decision and change my life. I believe that God has given me another chance to live my best life, and that’s exactly what I intend to do!

Here is a great video about intermittent fasting!

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3 thoughts on ““From Rock Bottom to Renewal: My Journey Towards Weight Loss and Health””

  1. Charlena Houck avatar Charlena L Houck says:

    What an amazing journey, you look wonderful and hopefully you’re feeling much better!!

  2. Ana Avery says:

    Simply amazing!! You’re so inspiring!! I’m sorry about your diagnosis 😢. Was surgery the only intervention? You did not require chemo?
    I have never tried intermittent fasting but I’m gonna try it.
    Thank you for your meal examples – very helpful.
    I hope you’re feeling much better and you look amazing!! 💖💖

  3. Judith Tyer avatar Judith Tyer says:

    I don’t have a strong will power, but I’ve also never had a life challenge to push me into better choices. I commend you on your personal choices and strength and the results are fantastic. You are an influencer of the best type.

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