Farewell My Captain

Fourteen years, 137 wins, more importantly, once Super Bowl win. Today, we celebrate the best coach in Seahawks history. While we may have wanted a few more seasons, it is time to move on from an all-time great. Before we do, we should take pause and reflect on what he meant to the organization and the fans that have followers this team since 1976.

Today, we want to thank Coach Pete Carroll. Thank you for making professional football relevant in Seattle for over a decade and bring home the Lombardi Trophy as a Super Bowl winner. Thank you for your optimism, your infectious smile. Thank you for the “x’s” and “o’s” and bringing in legends which includes Hall of Fame quality when they call it a career. Speaking of the Hall of Fame, I am quite sure you deserve a Gold jacket as well.   

The Hawks had seen success in the 80’s with Chuck Knox and early 2000’s with Mike Holmgren, but prior to his arrival we suffered thru a 5-11 season under Jim Mora who was an unmitigated disaster. Thankfully, ownership was quick to understand and made a swift decision and fired Mora. While I hate to see a UW alum and overall good guy lose his dream job, it was not in the cards and the Seahawks took needed action and brought  in Pete Carroll. 

Now, an honest admission. I was pretty skeptical of his ability to bring his brand of football to the National Football League. Carroll was undoubtedly an amazing college level coach and his players loved playing for him. His time at USC yielded 97 wins, seven straight Pac-10 titles, and two national championships and Vince Young away from winning a third in what many called the most thrilling collegiate game of all time. 

While those numbers spoke for themselves, my skepticism was based on the NFL being a professional league of grown men and Pete’s unbounding optimism and rah-rah approach would not work. Gladly, I will admit I was wrong. Carroll’s energy and knowledge was a breath of fresh air and partnering with John Schneider was a perfect match. 

Taking chances on overhauling the roster, we said goodbye to fan favorites like Matt Hasselbeck and welcomed Charlie Whitehurst a.k.a. Clipboard Jesus. Even though the Charlie Whitehusrt era was short-lived, the Hawks took a third round flier on the man who would ultimately become the franchise’s best QB of all-time. Then came the Legion of Boom, Bobby Wagner and this nucleus provided us must-watch television especially when you added Marshawn Lynch. 

Pete melded this team of mercurial and confident players into winners almost immediately. While going 7-9 in year one and winning the NFC West conference, they shocked not only the world but the Richter scale with the infamous Beast Quake run and defeated the defending World Champion New Orleans Saints. After that game, we knew players and fans alike were all in and Pete was gonna make things happen. 

One year later, with a sub-par run, the jury was still out. Then, a dude named Russell was installed as QB1 and they never looked back and started a run of playoff appearances that culminated into back to back Super Bowls winning one in spectacular fashion and losing one in the most gut wrenching way imaginable. While this was the last time the team hit the biggest game in the NFL, they were never far from it and always were in the hunt and exciting to watch.

Time passed by, players and coaches alike came and went, but Pete was always a steady hand. While not perfect, his time with Seattle will be fondly remembered and will be very odd to see another coach roaming the sidelines in 2024.  

Before we can root for the new guy, let us  take a moment to celebrate Pete Carroll and all he has done for the city of Seattle and the Seahawks franchise. Wish you well Coach.

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@peepso_user_1(marlin andrews)
I’m still in shock. I haven’t been watching but I’ve heard the stories
@peepso_user_31(Robbie Rhino)
Been a wild week for coaching changes. Carroll, Saban and Bellichek all out.