Week 4 on the Carnivore Diet

I embarked on my carnivore diet journey four Fridays ago, and the changes I’ve experienced have been nothing short of remarkable. In just the initial two weeks, shedding 10 pounds and 5 1/2 inches off my waist was just the beginning. The disappearance of my back pain within the first three days was astonishing, followed by the vanishing of my eczema and skin blemishes like skin tags. Even my cataract is nearly gone, restoring my vision to clarity.

But perhaps the most profound change has been in my health markers. My blood pressure, once dangerously high, has significantly lowered, allowing me to wean off the medication gradually. Testosterone levels are up, snoring is down, and even restless legs at night have diminished. Despite lingering cravings and a modest energy level, the overall improvement is undeniable.

Now, down 20 pounds with a resolve to continue for at least 90 days, I’m eager to see the long-term benefits. While I’m not yet convinced this is a lifelong commitment, the positive impact on my health and lifestyle is undeniable. My partner, Katherine, who inspired me to embark on this journey, shares in the experience, making it a shared adventure.

As I await my upcoming blood work, I’m optimistic, considering the countless testimonials of improved health outcomes. Through this blog, I aim to encourage others to explore the carnivore diet, emphasizing its transformative potential and, of course, the joy of savoring a delicious ribeye. After all, when it comes to health, a satisfying meal shouldn’t be underrated.

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